Covid 19 Awareness

  • ·      Social Distancing, Not emotional distancing
  • ·      Coughing etiquettes
  • ·      Cover your face with double layer mask
  • ·      Take fresh and hot food
  • ·      Don’t take junk foods
  • ·      Increase intake of fruits and vegetables
  • ·      Follow Ayush Ministry Advisory for self-care and increasing immunity for covid19(can be seen on my you tube channel Dr Reena Arora)
  • ·      Download Arogya Setu app and keep Bluetooth on always.
  • ·      Download Ayush Sanjivani app and give your true feedback for research purpose
  • ·      Maintain your daily routine of yoga, pranayama and meditation
  • ·      Follow these guidelines for preventing Covid19
  • ·      Whole public should be disciplined, only then we can prevent our self from Covid19