Amazing doctor

Bhawna wadhia

Iam taking hair treatment...much better now..u should give it a try

Sumit rao

I was suffering from fissure issue from 6 month and i had consulated several DR but i didnot get relief when i started treatment from DR REENA ARORA MA'MM i feel much better now a days.till now i am also Taking treatment in take Ing care of mam so guys start beliving on ayurveda and stay healthy forever.


Dr. Reena, Really you are a great Physician.

Dr.Suman Setia

I was suffering from fatigue and headache from many days and it was difficult for me to study. After consulting, I was known that this was the result of bad routine and improper diet.I followed proper diet, proper routine and suitable yoga according to constitution of my body, as suggested by Dr. Reena Arora ma'am. Now I am very happy with a good health and always thankful to Dr. Reena Arora. I have started following ayurveda in my life and also promoting in other's life. Dr. Reena Arora is very kind and sensitive person with a very good behaviour.

Rashin khera

I have taken treatment for inner strengthening and bone density. I have gained weight without gaining any fat. And I feel really fit now. I now follow the food habits suggested by Dr. Reena and it is really healthy.. Thank you Dr. Reena Arora.


Recieved Excellent treatment of DUB I'm fully satisfied.