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Hair Problems

Falling of Hairs and Maintenance of Hairs by Ayurvedic Methods

Hair loss is very bad disease because its related to our personality. A person loses confidence due to baldness or light and thin hairs. So we should maintain our hairs before any abnormality occurs. Hairs are considered as mal of asthi dhatu according to Ayurveda. Bhringra has been used for growth of hairs, skin, kidney and liver. There are many such type of hairs like Methi, yastimadhu, Shikakai, Jatamansi, Harar which can be used for hairs.

At Ayurvedic Clinic, we give dietary advises to patients like use of Desi ghee, Amla, fresh fruits etc. for prevention of hair loss and many other relevant ideas, according to constitution, are also shared and advised.

A herbal dye is also available with us for covering grey hairs; it can be applied by mixing in Mehndi. This gives a blackish colour rather than raddish colour of mehndi.

Many hair packs are also available for washing and cleaning of hairs, hard hairs and nurturing hairs. Many hair oils are also available for improving hair quality.